Photos: Pexels|Pixabay

Have you ever wondered why your dog’s legs are kicked up in the air when he sleeps? Or why he lies on his tummy with all four legs sprawled out like Superman? Just as in humans, your dog’s sleeping position can say a lot about how he’s feeling. Read on to find out more.

1. All Curled Up
This sleeping position is one of the more common ones seen in pooches, and involves Fido tucking his little paws comfortably under his body. Curling up allows Fido to naturally conserve his body heat and protect his limbs, face, throat, and all other vital organs from harm.

It is the least vulnerable pose, allowing Fido to get up quickly if he perceives danger.  

2. Paws in the air
As crazy as it looks, this pose is absolutely nothing to worry about! This sleeping position just means that your pooch is comfortable, safe, and secure enough in his environment to let loose and relax. As sleeping on his back can be seen as a vulnerable position, it is not seen in many wild canines – it sends a message of vulnerability and submission.

This position is also a great way for Fido to stretch and cool down.

3. On The Side
If you’ve noticed that Fido tends to sleep on his side… Congratulations! You have a happy and worry-free pooch. This position means that he’s super comfortable with his surroundings and isn’t worried about any form of threat.

4. The Superman
With all four legs stretched out like Superman when he flies, this sleeping position is probably one of the more adorable ones. Pooches rest in this position because it makes it easier for them to spring up when called, or as soon as they’ve woken up.

5. Flat On His Tummy
This position can have a variety of meanings: The first one is that your pup’s muscles could possibly be tense and contracted, and they are keeping him from drifting into a deep sleep. The second is that he’s stressed or uncomfortable in a new environment.

The last one is that your pooch is full of energy and is taking a nap reluctantly – hence the awkward sleeping position.

*This article was updated on 25 Jul 2020. It first appeared in on 14 Nov 2016.