An article by has described 5 ‘hidden costs’ of owning a cat or dog. Namely:

1. Hefty Veterinary Bills - Typically Increases As Your Pet Ages
2. Premium Or Prescription Food - An Extra Cost For Sick Or Elderly Dogs And Cats
3. Pet Taxis - Paying A Premium For Pet Transportation
4. Dog Boarding Fees - An Additional Cost Of Travelling
5. Professional Dog Grooming - Unavoidable For Certain Breeds

But that’s not really all. Because out love for our companion animals makes us do crazy things, here's  another ‘Top 5 Hidden Costs of Owning A Pet’ to add on to that list above.

1. Treats & Toys

Man does not live on bread alone, and neither do companion animals like cats or dogs, or even hamsters and rabbits. All pets love our food, and really one can argue that the original reason for cozying up to humans in the first place thousands of years ago is the enormous variety of nom-noms to nosh on.

Don't worry, your Jimmy Choos are safe. For now.

The list is literally endless. And you’ll be doling out serious paper to keep their appetites for new and novel nummie-nummies fed. You can spend about $100 a month on buying a 4.8 kg Maltese dog’s affections. Larger breeds cost even more.

Toys can add up to a hefty expense too.

Although Facetube might give you the idea that cats are content with cardboard boxes and chasing laser spots, the truth is both cats and dogs crave the physical and mental stimulation that can only come from playing with you, not their toys.

So the sacrifice you must be willing to make isn’t in terms of money actually, but your precious time. Which some people of course, count in monetary terms.

Yada yada yada, it’ll still cost you.

2.  Walkies & Play Dates

Cats, rabbits, hamsters and even fish might not demand much in terms of companionship, but dogs are naturally social creatures and need to exercise and play with other dogs daily to have a healthy, fulfilling life. 

So be prepared to let your dog run off-leash in dog parks at least once a week, and smell the world with other dogs (and their owners) when out on daily walks.

He'll sleep well tonight. And so will the dogs.

You’ll also want to celebrate the fact that you have a dog (one of life’s most satisfying achievements) by meeting other dog owners at events like our Breakfast and Breed Club, happening on 27th July 2019 (Saturday).

This edition of the event is an exclusive breakfast for big breed dogs and their owners only. You’ll share a hearty breakfast with fellow big breed pawrents, pick up useful tips from a dog grooming talk, then go for a healthy pack walk to HortPark and back with all the doggos. Bring home a goodie bag for good measure!

3. Leashes, Harnesses, Clothes & Accessories  

It has been said that every toy breed dog eventually accumulates a wardrobe that rivals its owner’s in size.

Here's a spiffy dresser!

There’s something about toy dogs that make owners go nuts with dog clothes, blingy accessories, and fancy grooming.

Some dog has several outfits, including festive wear for special occasions; something like a dozen different collars, several pairs of dog shoes.

4. Miscellaneous Items 

Some items not mentioned in the original list are housekeeping items you’ll need like barriers or cages to divide your home into pet-safe vs public areas. Pee pads and cat litter trays for your dog or cat to go toilet indoors; shampoo for dog or cat’s laundry day, and diapers for your unspayed dog ‒ they all add up.

You could go without, in a way, but if you love your pet, you'll want what's best for it, right?

5.  Additional Playmates  

Lastly, there’s only one thing better than owning a dog, and that’s owning two dogs. It’s the reason why so many pet-owners have added more than one dog to their families.

They could be giving each other back massages and foot-rubs all day long. 

Although the real reason might be that many pet-owners are off at work during most of the day, feel guilty about it, and would like their dogs to have a day-companion so they won’t feel so lonely. Get a pet for your pet? Why not?

After all, it’s only money.