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Pumpkin is one superfood you can feed your dog. With so many benefits, it is unrivaled by just about any other food choice. It is a versatile food for humans and dogs alike, so why not indulge together!

It contains essential micronutrients and fiber that make it a very nutritious treat. Besides being a natural stomach soother, pumpkin also helps to remove excess water in a dog's digestive tract.  Check out how pumpkin can help support your dog's overall health or be a useful tool in treating acute digestive or skin issues.


1 Pumpkin is Nutrient-Rich

Pumpkins are low in calories, but rich in a host of essential vitamins and minerals.

Pumpkin, the orange beauty that it is, contains a high concentration of vitamin A (beta-carotene). It also contains a lot of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure, improves muscle health, and assists in metabolism.

It also contains smaller amounts of a variety of healthy nutrients, including Vitamin C, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Folate, to name a few. Naturally, canned pumpkin for dogs is a great alternative if you do not have fresh pumpkin in stock


2 Pumpkin Benefits Eyes

Vitamin A is essential for your eye health, and it’s no different when it comes to your dog. Vitamin A promotes eye health and the development of night blindness and other eye degeneration.

Since Vitamin A is fat-soluble, pumpkin puree for dogs with a little healthy oil will make the nutrients pack more punch.

Mix your pup’s pumpkin on top of his regular food, or mix in a little flax oil for a healthy, satisfying treat.


3 Pumpkins Boost Immune Health

Vitamin C is integral for immune health all-around. When combined with vitamin A (beta-carotene), E, and other antioxidants in pumpkin for dogs, it can possibly help prevent certain cancers from developing.

Antioxidants help destroy free radicals, or “oxidants” in your pet’s system, like yours. While oxidants are a natural part of everyone’s immune system, too many oxidants can contribute to cancers and damage the body.

Boost your pet’s immune system by including fresh sources of antioxidants, such as those found in pumpkin.


4 Pumpkins Moisturize Skin & Coat

A number of nutrients in pumpkin, including vitamin A and zinc, improve your pet’s skin and coat. The high water content in pumpkin flesh also contributes to supple skin and a lustrous coat.

You can even try pumpkin for dogs with skin allergies. The nutrients and moisture can help soothe inflammation and heal damaged skin faster, while the digestive boost can help to support your dog’s immune system and prevent some of the reactions in the first place.


5 Pumpkin Seeds Prevent Urinary Incontinence

Don’t just look to the pumpkin flesh for your pet’s health – give him a taste of the seeds, too! Pumpkin seeds and flesh contain antioxidants and the seeds, in particular, contain a healthy dose of Omega 3 fatty acids.

These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help dislodge kidney stones. In addition, pumpkin seed powder is known to prevent urinary incontinence, which is the reduced ability to hold in urine.


6 Pumpkins Encourage Digestive Regularity

A sign of your dog’s good health is whether he is pooping normally. Hard stools or those that are difficult to pass put a strain on your dog’s intestines.

Adding a little pumpkin to your dog’s diet supplies the necessary source of fibre to enable your dog to pass stool easily and cure constipation. Pumpkin for a dog’s upset stomach has so many benefits.

Since dogs can get acid reflux, adding pumpkin puree for dogs through their diet is perfect for controlling constipation and diarrhea.

If your pet’s stool is a little loose, the little benefits of pumpkin for dogs can add bulk and form to your dog’s poop.


How to Prepare Pumpkin For Your Dog

CANNED PUMPKIN. Plain canned pumpkin is easy to feed your dog as you don't need to cook it. Ensure it doesn’t have additives, and serve it directly.

FRESHLY BAKED PUMPKIN. To prepare fresh pumpkin, remove the seeds and bake it in your oven until it is soft.

CRUNCHY ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS. You may also add pumpkin seeds to your dog’s diet as a crunchy treat. Clean and roast fresh seeds for one hour at 350 degrees. Let them cool, and then grind them up into your dog’s food. You may also feed them whole, but be sure to consider the size of your dog — very small dogs or puppies may not handle them well.‌

COOL PUMPKIN PURÉE. Peel a whole pumpkin and remove the seeds, then slice it into chunks. Simmer the flesh in boiling water for 20 to 30 minutes or until it’s tender. Drain and mash it into a smooth paste. Pumpkin purée will keep for three to four days in the fridge and six months in the freezer. Make sure to defrost it completely when adding to another recipe.