Photo: A Jones|Unsplash


Dogs Teach Responsibility
Dogs teach children about responsibility and how difficult, but necessary, it is to care for another living thing. Owning a dog will help children learn to take initiative, remain grounded, and teach them that another living thing depends on them.

Dogs Keep Children Active
Dogs need to be walked regularly and your child will gain all the health benefits from the activity. Children also love to run and play with dogs so they get an added dose of exercise. It’s a fun way to maintain an active lifestyle throughout their lives.

Dogs Improve Social Skills
Studies have shown that children who are around a dog tend to be more sociable and less shy. This can help your child make friends, keep friends and become more participative in a group situation.

Dogs Are Like Children
Dogs and children are very similar. In fact, scientists believe the brain of a dog and the brain of a child are very similar. So, a dog is a great way to keep your child engaged at home and give them an instant friend. 

Dogs Boost The Immune System
Children who live with dogs tend to get less sick throughout their lives. Dogs bring in different kinds of germs and bacteria that a child’s immune system learns to build defences against. This will help them fight off other illnesses and immune threatening dangers as they grow up.