Photo: ASapegin | Unsplash

Yes, we really love our dogs. From chew toys and super light-weight travel carriers, grooming must-haves and stylish leashes, everything our pampered pooch needs have been catered for already.

However, in this age of isolation, the future feels quite uncertain. And it’s clear that having a pet around to provide entertainment and extra affection seems good enough reason to dote on our four-legged friend even more. 

With more quality time at home stuck at home with the pooch, yes, it seems now is a perfect time to invest in some new dog accessories! The worn-out water bowl should be replaced with a more aesthetically pleasing one – preferably one that ties in with the interior décor. And those chew toys, let’s take a look at some of the more colourful ones!
We take a long hard look at Shopee and to dig out some great dog accessories to chase away our isolation blues:

Food & Water Bowls

Look for one with respect to the size of your dog. Choices are a-plenty: From sturdy, practical ones made from ceramic materials and stainless steel, to bowls with anti-slip gripping powers, foldable bowls and even bowls for dogs with long ears. It’s best to choose one to fit your dog (before you choose one to blend in with the interior décor).

By the way: Metal and ceramic are easier to clean and less likely to harbour bacteria, and they’re not great for chewing (from a dog’s point of view).

Stainless Steel Dog Bowl


Elevated Bowl


Juya:  Pet Bowl With Water Dispenser


Stainless Steel Feeding Dish
Durable, Anti-Tipping


LP Dual Bowl: Stainless Steel Food & Water Bowl


Feeder Bowl: Bamboo Stand With Ceramic Dish (1/2/3 Pcs)


Collars & Leashes  

Again, it should be chosen with respect to the size of the dog – neither too wide or too tight to ensure your dog’s comfort.  For walks, you might want to consider the option of a harness, especially if you have a small breed or a dog that pulls a lot.

Personalised Dog Collar With Engraved ID Name


LED Dog Collar: Nylon (2.5cm W) 


Training Collar: Soft Padded Nylon, Reflective


Leather Pet Collar (S/M/L): Adjustable Size 


TrueLove: Neoprene Padded Slip Training Collar


Dog Collar: Chest Strap Saddle Style


ID Tag

An ID tag is essential – it’s your dog’s ticket home should he ever get lost (even if he has a microchip). There are some good-looking tags where you can engrave your contact details on it.  

Stainless Steel Customised Dog ID Tag


Rhinestone Custom Dog Tag With Engraving


Dog Collar With Personalised ID Tags


Transport Carrier

Even if it’s a short trip to the vet, travelling can be a stressful event for your dog. It’s an indispensable item, and it’s about time to upgrade as the forlorn trusty  one sitting in the corner looks kinda bent out of shape. 

Dog Cabin Carrier: 3 Sided Mesh Window


Dogit Voyageur Carrier: Light Grey/Charcoal


 Travel Pet Air Consignment Cage


Pet Pack For Small Dogs


Waterproof Pet Outing Bag


Portable Pet Transport Carrier



Toys are great as they allow your dog to be stimulated both mentally and physically. They are a necessity if your dog is still a pup as they tend to chew on anything in their teething stage. They are also a great way to interact and improve your relationship with your favourite companion.

From fabric knots that remove plaque, plastic chew bones and balls, there’s an ever-ready gamut of toys including and edible chew toys like rawhide, pig’s ears, hooves, and jerky treats. Yes, must add this to the shopping cart!

PetRadise: 360deg Toothbrush With Bristles


Interactive Rope Toy Set: Durable Cotton, 4 Pcs


Chew Rubber Toy With Suction Cup


Plush Toys: Assorted  Fruit/Vegetable Designs


Interactive Pull Chew Bone In Canvas


Creative Rope Chew Toy


Grooming Tools

Combs and brushes are definitely an indispensable accessory if you like the silky feel of your dog’s coat. From wide-spaced metallic combs, or finer metal ones for getting rid of parasites, they are a must-have now that you are cuddling up more with your dog.

Natural bristle brushes are recommended for dogs with short and medium coats, while wire-pins and slicker brushes work can be used for dogs with long or fluffy coats.

It’s also time to take a look at newer grooming tools like low dryers, conditioning sprays, cotton balls, ear cleaning solutions, nail clippers, scissors, shampoos and conditioners, etc.

Colourful Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Kit


Mats & Tangles Removal & Detangler


Portable 2-In-1 Multifunction Hair Dryer


Rechargeable Shears & Hair Trimmer


Low Noise Electric Nail Clipper & Grinder


2-In-1 Silicone Shampoo Bath Brush


Generally, dog accessories should last a few years (other than toys) so don’t hesitate to spend more money at first to save it in the long run! Enjoy this retail therapy!