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Turkey & Lamb, Enriched With Green Peas, Rosemary & Thyme 

ERA Sybarite wet dog food is a complete and natural food made with fresh meat to offer better palatability and high biological value.

The wet food is grain-free and enriched with functional ingredients. An excellent texture is offered by the combination of turkey and lamb, while the added rosemary and thyme serves to enhance its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 



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Puppy Eye Care Gel   

Puppy Eye Gel (50ml) is formulated with green tea for gentle cleansing and helps reduce brown spots that may appear on your pet’s eye area.

Biogance Puppy Eye Gel (50ml) is formulated with green tea for gentle cleansing. It also helps to reduce dark spots that may appear on your pet’s eye area.

To use, simply apply the gel to a cotton ball and gently rub the eye area twice a week. Avoid contact with your puppy’s eyes.


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Puppy Ear Care Gel   

Biogance Puppy Ear Cleaning Gel  (50ml) is formulated with Burdock for gentle, effective cleansing of the ear canal.
To use, simply pour a small amount of the ear cleaning gel at the entrance of the ear canal. Gently massage the base of the ear to spread the gel, then wipe the ear flap with a clean cloth. Repeat twice a week and avoid contact with your puppy’s eyes.


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No Rinse Lotion

Formulated with aloe vera extract, Biogance Puppy No Rinse Lotion (250ml) gently cleanse, hydrate and refreshes your puppy’s coat without any rinsing.
Its easy and practical use allows quick cleaning between baths and is suitable for all types of coats.

To use: Shake then spray the lotion on your puppy’s coat, rub with a washcloth, and dry with a clean towel. Avoid contact with your puppy’s eyes.


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Kitten Wet Food  

Buffet’s Kitten Wet Food offers tender meat chunks in jelly. Made with natural raw materials sourced in Sweden, it is then processed in a factory called Doggy in Vargarda, Sweden. 

The factory has been cooking pet food according to traditional recipes for more than 115 years.

The food is grain-free and contains all the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals required for a kitten’s healthy growth.


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Almo Nature:
Pouch HFC Jelly Salmon Fillet

The HFC recipes from Almo Nature are made with human-grade food ingredients. The ingredients used can be traced and identified, guaranteeing that the recipes in this range provide a natural and high-quality animal protein. 

HFC Jelly recipes contain vegetable gelatin to help break down hairballs.

The recipes are cooked in their broth, without the use of added chemical preservatives or food colouring.


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1st Choice:
Optimal Growth Fish Formula  

1st Choice Optimal Growth Formula for kittens eases the weaning process during which the kitten gradually replaces breast milk with dry food. 

The mini-kibbles are adapted to the baby’s small teeth. This complete formula with fresh cod as first ingredient is the ideal solution for kittens who cannot digest chicken, have a sensitive stomach, or prefer tasty fish!

It will meet the nutritional needs of the cutest little carnivores!


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Silly Swinger Feather And Catnip Wand Cat Toy

This  Silly Swinger Wand is sure to make playtime fun for your favourite feline friend. Offering various playtime activities, this detachable toy provides a great opportunity for bonding play between you and your cat.

It imitates the natural motion of prey and activates your cat’s natural instinct to chase and pounce.

Designed with every cat household in mind, the product is created to meet child safety standards too.


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ISF Coldwater Pellets 

The ISF coldwater pellets (250 ml) from Dajana form a complete granulated food for ornamental aquarium fishes.

Suited for all aquarium fish species, they are grain and fishmeal free, with four-kinds of insects.
They can be offered several times every day in a small quantities.  


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ISF Koi Sticks 

The Dajana ISF Koi Sticks (1000 ml ) offer a multi-biotic effect with its plant extracts and organic colour enhancer.

Suitable for all aquarium fish species, it comes complete with four-kinds of insects  (mealworm meal 15%, daphnias - freshwater plankton 10%, black soldier flies meal 5%, bloodworms 5%), and are grain and fishmeal free. 
The meal can be given several times every day in small quantities.  


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Tuna & Scallop Mousse

Burp! Tuna & Scallop Mousse for cats is made with real tunawhole meat, which your all cats love! 

These treats are enriched with taurine to encourage healthy muscle function, vision, digestion and immunity. It also provides healthy Omega-6 with the addition of sunflower seed oil.  


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Everyday Casserole With Turkey, Duck & Cucumber  

Burp! Everyday Casserole is protein-rich with 60 percent protein content. It provides a blend of quality fresh meats and organ meats for optimal health. 

It is enriched with essential minerals to improve immunity and health.

No artificial colourings or additives are added, so you can be sure your canine buddy will enjoy this everyday delight!

Suitable for all adult dogs.


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Extra Absorbent Wee Pads  

Ideal for potty training, Trustie Extra Absorbent Wee Pads are suitable for dogs, cats and other small animals.

Faster and better absorption comes from its four-layer leak-proof protection makeup. It also makes cleaning up a hassle-free process.

The adhesive tape in the four corners prevents the pad from moving around too much.