In a cosmopolitan city like Singapore, paw-rents are constantly busy with work, with a good majority of their time spent shuffling between the office and their homes. By the time they get home, the day at work might have taken its toll on them and playtime with Fido would be significantly shorter that what you they initially planned.

While at work, sudden bouts of worry about whether their pup or kitty has eaten enough food or drank enough water might make them feel guilty. Then there is also the possibility of Fido or Puss getting separation anxiety from being away from their paw-rents for extended periods of time.

With the help of Pebby, paw-rents will soon be able to interact with their beloved furkids from anywhere around the world, as long as they have access to Wi-Fi.

My Name Is Pebby

Pebby is a small-sized robot ball that is equipped with a camera, speakers, a microphone, and LED lights that allow the user to see, hear, and speak to his/her pet while away from home.

Pebby is shaped to look like a psychedelic hard-cased ball, but serves more purposes than just to entertain the fur-kids. You get to control the movements and settings of Pebby through a mobile application that will be available in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store.

Built with a waterproof casing on the outside, Pebby is made with shatter-proof material that will ensure your furkid is safe no matter how much impact it inflicts on the ball.

Playtime Anytime

Besides being able to speak to your furkids through the in-built mic and speakers, you can set Pebby to different modes like Follow and Repel to ensure it plays with your pup or kitty automatically. This little robot ball charges via a wireless dock, so charging is a real breeze. Its strong battery life will provide Fido and Puss with plenty of playtime, regardless of whether you are online or offline.

LED lights and laser pointers that are built within Pebby will also allow your pup or kitten to play even in places with poorly-lit conditions.

For paw-rents who enjoy changing the look of their furkids’ products, Pebby has interchangeable caps that are designed to attract the attention of Fido or Puss in different ways. These caps are very safe for use, and are children-friendly as well.  

Pebby is available on Kickstarter

*This article was updated on 25 Jul 2020. It first appeared in on 10 Feb 2017.