Photo: bambam.bella.lola.louie

MāoBox, a homegrown subscription gift box for cats, is launching a Jumbo Box size in time for Halloween Trick or Treating!

The upcoming Halloween themed MāoBox features 1 Halloween toy, 1 Halloween accessory for your themed photoshoot, as well as food and treats.

A bimonthly box filled with curated treats, food, samples or toys, which can be ordered for your kitty or gifted to a paw friend, MāoBox offers:

- Standard size with 5-6 items
- Pawty size with 8 items or more
- Jumbo size with 12 items or more

Features include:
- A surprise gift for your cat or a cat friend, contents change every box so no edition is ever the same.
- Save precious time going to the store looking for new treats or toys.
- Enjoy unboxing and trying new treats and toys with your kitty! Kitty also gets a bonus box to lounge in after everything is done.
- 10% of your purchase also benefits a local cat shelter, to help cats in need.
- Free self collection at various locations islandwide.

Website: MāoBox


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