Want to have a good night's sleep and at the same time, have your precious furry friend close by? You're in luck–Colchão Inteligente Postural, a company from Brazil, has come up with a new product that lets you do just that. The tall mattress contains a small compartment in its side that can fit small dogs, cats and even other animals like bunnies, allowing them to sleep close to their owners.

(image credit: Colchão Inteligente Postural facebook page )

The cosy compartment can be furnished with your pampered pooch's favourite plush toys and cushions. It even comes complete with sheer, frilly curtains for some semblance of privacy–that is, if Fido isn't willing for others to catch sight of his embarrassing dribble! In addition, the compartment features gold embroidery that will fit perfectly with your lush bedroom furnishings.

(image credit: cnet.com)

Helping to remove any clunky dog crates lying around the house, this mattress is not just perfect for the aesthetically conscious paw-rent, but could also bring about actual benefits to their well-being! A survey done on 150 patients at the Mayo Clinic found that those who sleep with their cat or dog feel more safe, secure and relaxed during their slumber, contributing positively to the quality of their sleep.

(image credit: buzzfeed.com)

While the company has yet to announce how much these beds cost, their prices will vary as every mattress is custom-made to the size of your furkid. At the moment, the company only sells its products within Brazil and some other South American countries and due to the size of the mattress, international shipping may be difficult to arrange. However, we do think that with this idea, it won't be tough to custom-make a similar one at a local mattress store.

(image credit: buzzfeed.com)

Close, but not too close for comfort–this mattress will surely make for the purr-fect slumber every night with the benefits of sleeping close together minus the potential disturbances!