13 years ago, when guide dog trainer Claire Donovan first met Panda the puppy at 12-weeks old, she immediately fell in love with her. As she trained the puppy for guide services, she would later return Panda when she was two-years old and ready for guide duties.

Saddened to see Panda leave, the trainer requested that the organisation, Guide Dogs SA/NT, let her know if and when Panda was retiring, but she never expected to hear back from them.

Through 13 years of work, Donovan had trained over 68 guide dogs, but only ever pined for Panda to be returned to her. 11 years after Panda left her home, the organisation finally called and let her know that Panda was retiring and she was welcomed to adopt the black Labrador.

Donovan, now 82-years old, broke down when Panda trotted into her home and went right to the water bowl, kept right in the same spot as when Panda was a puppy. The retiree is also reported to have settled right back into her former trainer’s home, now sleeping right next to Donovan, where the pair will undoubtedly spend the rest of their days in happiness and love.

(Image sources: Courier Mail, 3milliondogs, @Tibanna79/Dreamstime)