We know that Golden Retrievers have the reputation of being one of the gentlest dogs around, but Bob the Goldie has taken this to a whole new level. This gentle giant lives with a big family, but not a pack of dogs – instead, he has eight feathered siblings, and a hamster for siblings.

Hailing from Brazil, the adorable dog and his family encapsulates every animal lover’s childhood dreams of owning these popular furkids. A Dwarf Hamster, two cockatiels, four Budgies, with two Zebra Finches.

Often depicted in his many photos, Bob is seen taking naps with his tiny crew, and never minds when they climb all over him for a higher perch. Sometimes, they even take naps together, and this charming family continues to impress their ever-growing followers on social media with Bob and his smaller housemates’ antics.

(Images: @bob_goldenretriever/Instagram)