English Bulldog puppy Bonsai is just as cute as any other puppy you would ever see – born on April 17 in Arkansas, he was a bundle of puppy sweetness.

However, Bonsai was born with a series of genetic issues that would affect his quality of life – he was born with half a spine, a pelvis that did not function and hind legs that were too small to use for walking.

Believed to be suffering from a combination of caudal regression syndrome, sacrocaudal dysgenesis and spina bifida, the pup also suffers from swimmer puppy syndrome, where his legs are spread out so it flattens his chest and puts pressure on his organs, making it difficult for him to move around.

 Faced with these issues, Bonsai’s owners turned to Friends of Emma, an animal rescue that helps dogs with special needs. The puppy then underwent amputation for his hind legs, and while he has a long way to go before, his rescuers are not giving up on this little trooper.

A PetCaring account has been set up in his name so he won’t have to be left with medical expenses, and while this little guy’s future may be uncertain, plenty of people are supporting him and he does not look like he is giving up on having fun, especially with his buddy, another amputee pal named Ransom. See more of Bonsai, and his zest for life below:

(Images: @Half A Bulldog, Twice The Love/Facebook.)