When Adam’s rescuers brought him into their shelter at Lucky Dog Retreat in Indianapolis, he seemed to be suffering from a bad case of flea dermatitis – he had balding, red patches, was itching, and all-round miserable. After devoted carers applied medicinal baths, boosted his nutrition with proper meals and placed him in a stress-free environment, the lab was assumed to be on the road to recovery. However, his itching didn’t stop.

While Adam’s temperament had improved, and he was happier, his skin condition was still deteriorating, and when they ran all their tests and gave him all the antibiotics they could – the shelter finally ran a blood test to see what it was that made Adam itch.

Turns out, it’s humans.

Unknown to most, some dogs can be allergic to human dander, in the same way that some humans are allergic to animals – and Adam was unfortunately one of them. The itchy pooch was also found to be allergic to other materials, such as cat dander, pollinating plants, walnuts, and insects like cockroaches and houseflies.

When his unusual condition was reported, support and donations came in – easing the animal shelter’s ability to get proper help for Adam. Now on a special selection of medicine to up his immune system, he also regularly gets his skin checked out by an animal dermatology centre in Indianapolis.

His fur has also grown back since his treatment started, and this sweet little guy has also found a forever home with his carer, Beth Weber, who was also the person in charge of maintaining his mediciations, baths and doggy loving.

(Images: @Lucky Dog Retreat, inc/Facebook.)