This October, readers
are invited to access a free copy of a delightfully charming (not-for-profit) picture book—"Hopeful Hope". Hope is the star of a heart-warming story written by authors Su-Jan Yeo and Mark Hon

The authors, avid supporters of animal welfare causes, are debuting the digital picture book as a fundraiser to recognise World Animal Day. It's an open invitation to access a free copy of Hopeful Hope by pledging any amount to an animal welfare organisation (AWO) of your choice.
Upon receiving your pledge on the dedicated website below, the Hopeful Hope eBook will be sent to your inbox.

Pledge today at: HOPEFUL HOPE BOOK

About Hopeful Hope The Book…

Hope is a dog and the star of a heart-warming story about, well, hope!  Fuelled by a sudden spur of spontaneity, a spunky dog named Hope abandons caution to pursue a beguiling firefly deep into the forest. Eventually, Hope ventures far off course and loses sight of home. 

This animstory captures the enduring power of giving and receiving hope. With homestyle illustrations in a dreamy watercolour palette, the  charming picture book offers a timeless message for readers of all ages.

About The Authors…

The character illustration of "Hope" is a loose adaptation of the authors' dog, Miss Maple.

Su-Jan Yeo and Mark Hon, avid supporters of animal welfare causes, welcomed a spunky dog into their lives in 2010. From then on, life has been one rollicking adventure after another for their family of three.

"It is no surprise, then, that our high spirited dog inspired us to embark on Hopeful Hope. We are excited to debut our not-for-profit picture book as a fundraiser in recognition of World Animal Day," says Su-Jan.

The authors commissioned Hiruni Kariyawasam, an up-and-coming illustrator from Sri Lanka, for the watercolour drawings in the book.

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