Many people on TikTok have started to take the “bones day” top ic very literally and base their whole day solely off Noodle the pug. 
[Right] Jonathan Graziano, 30, works as a social media manager in New York, USA and is the proud owner of Noodle.

NEW YORK, USA: Noodle, a 13-year-old senior recused dog has become known globally as a bellwether for the general mood of the day. 

With his more than 4.5  million TikTok followers, and 54.7 million likes, this Internet-famous pug sets the tone for the day with his morning ritual. 

His owner Jonathan Graziano, 30, is a social media manager in New York City. He sits Noodle upright to see if the dog can stand on his own every morning when he wakes the dog up. It's a "Bones Day" if Noodle stands up on his mat or,  a "No Bones Day" if he flops down – just like a noodle. 

Noodle has bones. But the soft and squishy pug remains standing for even a few seconds, it is a day for action and accomplishing goals. If, however, he starts to recline and slumps, it is a day you may still accomplish something, but in soft pants and a bubble bath or other forms of self-care.

The trend works much like a horoscope, where people can see what their day will be like based on whether or not it's a bones day. On bones days, people are encouraged to take risks and treat themselves. But no-bones days are often associated with taking it easy and relaxing.

Noodle's TikTok account has gone massively viral, even being used by a US Louisiana Governor to urge people to get vaccinated. Gov John Bel Edwards was reported as saying: "Today is a bones day, and while every day is a great day to get your vaccination, today is an extraordinarily good day."

The videos on the TikTok are fun and engaging as Noodle serves as a welcome respite from the depressive feel induced by the Covid-19 restrictions. 
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