Source: Animal Lovers League (

On 17th June, reported that Pets Villa, a non-profit shelter would be forced to shut down by mid-June if it did not raise $48k to pay off 3 months worth of debts. Singaporeans heard their call and opened up their hearts.

And, more importantly, their wallets. WIthin 6 days of the report, Animal Lovers League (ALL) posted on their Facebook page that a princely sum of $205.178k had been raised.

Their struggle is not yet over though, and it is very real indeed. ALL is hoping to be able to house, feed and care for their roughly 500 abused, traumatised, old or infirm cats and dogs for good - not just another X number of months.

As pet lovers too, we want to help them continue to work so hard for these voiceless and helpless animals. Visit their Facebook page ( to find out how you can contribute every month!