A clowder of cats has apparently gone missing from early May to June, according to Facebook user Ella Yuhui Han (as reported by Mothership “30 Ang Mo Kio community cats reported missing in May & June 2019, accessed 28 June 2019).

According to Mothership, Han's post, which was made in the Facebook group Find AMKNorth Missing Cats (unreachable as of today 1 July 2019), said that the cats allegedly started disappearing in early May, with the number climbing to 23 by June 17, 2019.

Says Mothership, “A map, presumably made by Han, shows the areas the cats usually frequent or were last seen at.”

“The incidents occured mainly at Ang Mo Kio Avenues 4 to 6, at HDB blocks numbered between 609 and 647.”

Mothership went on to say that members of the group have been in contact with both the town council and the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) under the National Parks Board, who revealed that none of the cats have been impounded thus far.

What's more, according to Mothership, Han said on June 22, 2019 that she and several fellow cat lovers have scoured other areas such as farmways, industrial estates, and new BTO estates in the belief that the cats might have been relocated, but to no avail.

The mystery deepens

By June 28, the total number of missing cats had risen to 30. You can view the details of the missing cats here.

We did some digging and found that this is not the first time that a large number of cats have gone missing in Ang Mo Kio North.

In July 2015, The Cat Welfare Society reported on its Facebook page that 19 community cats had gone missing around the same vicinity over the month of June 2015.



Another AMK missing cat has been found! 19 cats were reported to be missing in the month of June. The mackeral tabby,...

Posted by Cat Welfare Society on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A serial catnapper at work, perhaps?

Whoa! But Wait... Plot twist!

In what seems to be a plot twist dreamt up by Channel 8 scriptwriters, one Tan Winnie posted that she was a regular feeder of the missing cats in the area but had been denied access to the Find AMKNorth Missing Cats group. Her feeder friends were not allowed to enter the page either:


DUBIOUS PAGE : FIND AMKNORTH MISSING CATS Today (30 June 2019) the grp Admin Ella Yuhui Han blocked my other fb...

Posted by Tan Winnie on Sunday, June 30, 2019



In case you can't see the post, here's the text in full:


Today (30 June 2019) the grp Admin Ella Yuhui Han blocked my other fb under Tan Winnie, she also blocked my resident here: Mr RG Loh, she also blocked Crystal Jie and blocked my husband fm going into her FB page. My husband is not aware of this case n he did not go into her Page and he never comment on her Page before. Yet she blocked him. 

Ella called for a meeting 2 and a half wks ago at amk blk 628 coffee shop. She invited me n my grp of feeders to meet her n her few followers.

She requested for our personal info, contact details, cats photos and information pertaining to the missing cats. We gave to her all our personal particulars n cats photos b coz she promised to set up a patrol team for us. It turned out to be an empty promise. 

She n her followers also followed feeder jenny to feed her cats at her feeding spots. Not sure if she is checking on the remaining cats hideouts? 

Thereafter Ella set up her own page called FIND AMKNORTH MISSING CATS

After she got all the information n photos from us, she blocked me and my feeders.

She dont allow us to enter her page and not allowing us to identify our missing cats.

We are the feeders of these missing cats. For what reasons she blocked us ? And for what reasons she stopped us from identifying our cats? 

We find her very strange. Vy fishy. Is she really helping us ? Or is she a spy fm town council ? Why did she tag her posts to amktc ? 

She keep blocking pple for no reason. When pple put up a question or query to her, she immediately blocked these pple.

We find her vy dubious.


What’s going on there, then?