Said Sharon, “Their feeder was an elderly lady who has been feeding strays since 1970. For the past 3 years, she and I have tried to sterilize this litter’s mum to no avail. Even engaging professional trappers has failed too.” 

All photos: Sharon Oh (97377150)

“Their birth site is Seletar Farms, soon the land will be taken back by the government. If we did not rescue these little ones, their lives will surely be unpredictable, perhaps fatal due to tick fever.”

Source: Sharon Oh (97377150)

We learnt from Sharon that the stubborn mummy had given birth to her babies in a forested area, and as June’s wet weather peaked, mummy brought them to a farm, where they were found shivering under a mango tree.

Source: Sharon Oh (97377150)

Sharon added, “As soon as the pups were done weaning, around 6 weeks old, we secured them.”


Mango, Indie and Chili are the last remaining 3 female puppies from the litter of 5.

The girls had tick fever which explains why they are late to the adoption pawty – their other 2 brothers, Chut and Koi have already found loving, happy homes.


The girls have just had their first jabs. They are sociable puppies and are good with other dogs. 


Said Sharon, “Chut and Koi have found wonderful caring pawparents, we hope you are able to help Mango, Indie and Chilli find theirs too.”

Adopt, don’t shop! For viewings, contact Sharon at 97377150

Some notes:

1. NOT HDB APPROVED. Executive Condominium and private homes only.

2. No adoption fee!

3. Adopters must:
a. Sign an adoption agreement
b. Sterilise their puppy
c. Microchip their puppy
d. Allow home visits from Sharon.