Not a feat many can accomplish – but Chicago’s OK Go has done it not once, but twice now. First with treadmills and just recently with trained animals! According to the animal handlers, OK Go’s lead singer “Damian explained that they had been dreaming of this video for years, but that so far they had been unable to find an animal trainer with the right combination of skills, experience, and unfettered creativity to help them succeed. ‘We want to make a video in which the dogs are the stars, Damian said. ‘We want the band members to support the dogs and dance with the dogs, and we want it to be magical and charming and something that has never been done before. No canine ‘agility’, ‘freestyle,’ or ‘obedience.’ And no cutsey tricks or circus acts. Something new.”

The entire video took a year to come into fruition but the band say the final cut made it in one take – #72 to be exact. (The actual figures were “12 [animal] trainers, two furniture movers, 12 dogs, one goat, 38 buckets, and a bunch of furniture”) The video has garnered more than a million hits overnight.

[Article information adapted from Talented Animals]