By Raph Koster

Are we seeing a change in food trends?

Dog meat has been a source of food in some areas of China from around 500 BC, and possibly even earlier. So this time round, word about this policy caught the attention of this online critic almost instantaneously. For a country population which generally argues that consuming dog meat is no different from consuming slaughtered pigs, chicken and cattle, this would seem like the most unlikely problem. Wrong!

While it is understandable that the United States is still currently exploring new ways to keep their ballooning pet populations in check, from the manically depths of my mind, I would like to offer the people of China this fool-proof solution.

Give them a good home - in the belly, solves starvation issues too! Nothing like keeping your food about you and fresh, and who says you can't play with your food?

Doesn't matter what I think though, what are your thoughts?

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