[Taken from straitstimes.com]

Groomer Holly Crawford pierced kittens to achieve a gothic look, then sold them on eBay for US$100 (around S$124). She admitted to piercing the kittens herself, without anaesthetic, although she did treat them with antiseptic thereafter.

The kittens had several piercings each through their ears and neck. Some kittens also had a rubber band tied around their tails, a method commonly used to dock animals' tails. This process is in itself a controversial one.

She was convicted last year and sentenced to six months' home detention and electronic monitoring. She was described as having multiple piercings herself. Crawford was reported to the authorities by an undercover investigator from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Source: Woman pierced kittens for gothic look The Straits Times 17 July 2011