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The owner of the advertisement told her on email that she would give the kitten away for free, but that she would have to pay a shipping cost of S$220 to a "relocation agency in Cameroon, South Africa".

That was when she realised that something was amiss.

Some pet organisations expressed concerns over such online scams.

Action For Singapore Dogs president Ricky Yeo said: "We've had people who email us about such issues and we've investigated. Most of them are usually scams because when you ask them for certification, background and history, they usually don't reply.

"They're looking for the gullible ones who think it's a good deal and they ask for a deposit of some sort. And when that's done, you usually don't hear from them again."

He added: "We always ask people to be careful. Even if you want to get something from online, make sure you meet the seller or the person involved, have a little informal agreement drawn up of the terms and conditions that are agreed upon so that both parties are protected."


Article taken from http://news.xin.msn.com/en/singapore/article.aspx?cp-documentid=5582737