Nutty paw-fessors: Doggy mental disorders

Fido going a little gaga, and you have no idea why? Discover the top most common doggy mental disorders, as voted by experts.

Local love: Chiaki and her Singapore Special

Previously considered pariah dogs, Singapore Specials are now finding a place in the hearts and homes of many here. Japanese permanent resident, Chiaki Kawamura, shares the joy and struggles of bringing up her nine-year-old mongrel, Esther.

Frenchie toast

Instagram stars like Sir Charles Barkley and celebrity pet owners like Hugh Jackman have turned the French Bulldog into dog du jour. So we got Singapore’s hippest Frenchie, Plato (of @helloplato_the_frenchie), to show us what it takes to become famous.

Love bites

It isn't easy looking beyond a wet, scruffy dog, much less an aggressive one that draws blood. Lim Shangpian, 26, not only saw past August's painful biting, she also gave the fearful dog a home to call his own. Read their story here.

Weird cat behaviour

Just when you thought you knew your cat inside out, she proved you wrong by doing something baffling and unexpected. However, there may be a valid reason behind each of kitty’s weird behaviours – here’s five reasons why Puss may be acting strangely.

Six signs your cat is stressed

There are reasons for sudden behavior changes in cats, so here are some signs to watch out for.

Doggie communication

Wonder why Fido is so yappy? Here's why dogs bark at other canines.

Is Your Dog Anti-social?

Socialisation is important for your dog’s overall wellness. Not only that, an anti-social dog can lead to unwanted issues. Learn to tell the signs and correct bad behaviour early.

Cat-astrophic compulsions

Watching Puss chase her tail repeatedly can be quite entertaining. However, before you start laughing at your kitty’s silliness, stop and observe. There may be a serious underlying cause for this behaviour.

Your dogs can get jealous too

Canines vie for their owner’s attention in the presence of a potential rival