Fact or Fiction #03

Myth #3: Dogs that are aggressive are showing dominance. True or False?

Dealing with Dog Aggression

There are many kinds of aggression and, depending on the circumstances, some are normal. It's good to understand that growly dogs believe they have a good reason to aggress, whether owners agree, but it still should be dealt with. Sudden changes in your dog's behavior should be checked by a veterinarian, because aggression can be prompted by pain or health issues. Aggression can be complicated and require professional help, but here's how to recognize five common types and learn how to keep the peace.

Understanding Felinese

We love our cats but don't always understand cat communication. Our feline friends use a combination of vocalizations, body language and smells to talk with each other and their special people. Here are 12 ways cats communicate.

Understanding Canine Communication

People who love dogs want to understand canine communication. But growls mixed with tail wags can be confusing. Though people rely on words, dog talk combines vocalizations, body language and smells. Here are 12 ways canines communicate.  

Fact or Fiction #01

Myth #1: Dogs wag their tails only when they are happy. True or False?

Sleep Behaviour of Cats

Cats come from a long history of hunters and predators, so it’s not surprising they have become more crepuscular creatures. They are typically active at dawn and dusk. given that most of their prey are active during these times, and rest during the middle of the day.

How Much Should Your Cat Sleep?

The amount of sleep your cat requires depends on each individual cat, as well as the cat’s age and personality. Indoor cats sometimes sleep out of boredom but, on the whole, most cats sleep about 13 to 16 hours a day.

Dogs are Better Listeners

A Purina survey done in New Zealand found that 31 per cent of female dog owners believe their pets have better listening skills than their partners, and 14 per cent of men say their dog gives them more love than their partner.

Um, Is My Cat Left or Right-handed?

Not that it matters but we thought it’s be interesting to know if our favourite felines were left- or right-handed. Apparently the psychologists at Queen’s University Belfast agreed with us and recruited 42 pet cats for a study that followed research showing similar traits in animals such as chimpanzees and horses.

My Dog Humps Too Much!

Yes, we know how embarrassing it can be when your dog humps too much. And no, it’s not because your dog is horny. While some humping is sexual in nature, most of the time humping too much doesn’t actually involve any element of sex.