Socialising kitty

Raise a kitten into an outgoing and amiable cat.

Walk the cat

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Five commands all dogs should know

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6 ways to help cats and dogs get along better

Here are six ways to towards a harmonious household with both a canine and feline under the same roof.

Excuse me, it's poop!

Is your pet eating its own poop? Here are some reasons behind this behaviour. By Bryan Wong

Being water confident!

We are used to the idea that all our dogs could swim, right? In fact, there are a number who are afraid of water and will refuse to go into the pool. By Bryan Wong

Top 10 Dog Training Tips

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Feline High Rise Syndrome

Cats have an incredible ability to focus their attention on whatever interests them. A bird or other animal attraction can be distracting enough to cause them to lose their balance and fall.

Over-grooming in Cats

Grooming comes naturally to cats. But when this turns compulsive, it could be a sign of a more serious underlying issue.

What is Coprophagia?

Have you ever witness your dog taking a bite out of his own stool? Coprophagia is the medical term when a dog eats either its own faeces or that of another animal. There are many possible reasons why your dog is consuming his own faeces.