Train your Tabby for a Tri-Cat-Thalon

Teaching cats to run an obstacle course sounds as difficult as, well, herding cats.But that's exactly what cat owners do to prepare for a cat agility competition. To prove their feline finesse, the pets must leap up steps and over hurdles, go through tunnels, and weave around poles.

Chasing Cars, Cats, Joggers, Bicycles

Ever wondered why your beloved pooch loves chasing anything that moves, especially cyclists and rollerbladers? And are cats their nemesis? Our dog behaviourist, Lance Tan, sheds some light on this tendency and how you can stop this unwanted habit.

Dogs of Thunder: Rehabilitating dangerous dogs

Steve Duno recalls his days of rehabilitating aggressive dogs, especially Branka the Bullmastiff. He not only subdued Branka, but also trained him to be a reasonable canine companion.

Fact or Fiction #03

Myth #3: Dogs that are aggressive are showing dominance. True or False?

Dealing with Dog Aggression

There are many kinds of aggression and, depending on the circumstances, some are normal. It's good to understand that growly dogs believe they have a good reason to aggress, whether owners agree, but it still should be dealt with. Sudden changes in your dog's behavior should be checked by a veterinarian, because aggression can be prompted by pain or health issues. Aggression can be complicated and require professional help, but here's how to recognize five common types and learn how to keep the peace.

Understanding Felinese

We love our cats but don't always understand cat communication. Our feline friends use a combination of vocalizations, body language and smells to talk with each other and their special people. Here are 12 ways cats communicate.

Understanding Canine Communication

People who love dogs want to understand canine communication. But growls mixed with tail wags can be confusing. Though people rely on words, dog talk combines vocalizations, body language and smells. Here are 12 ways canines communicate.  

Fact or Fiction #02

Myth #2: Dogs and cats only learn if you punish them. True or false?

Fact or Fiction #01

Myth #1: Dogs wag their tails only when they are happy. True or False?

Training Methods

By Lance Tan, Resident Trainer at Shiloh Dawg In the past decade that I have been training dogs, I have seen methods that swung from one extreme to the other.