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The new furkid on the block

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Socialising kitty

Raise a kitten into an outgoing and amiable cat.

Walk the cat

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Train your Tabby for a Tri-Cat-Thalon

Teaching cats to run an obstacle course sounds as difficult as, well, herding cats.But that's exactly what cat owners do to prepare for a cat agility competition. To prove their feline finesse, the pets must leap up steps and over hurdles, go through tunnels, and weave around poles.

Chasing Cars, Cats, Joggers, Bicycles

Ever wondered why your beloved pooch loves chasing anything that moves, especially cyclists and rollerbladers? And are cats their nemesis? Our dog behaviourist, Lance Tan, sheds some light on this tendency and how you can stop this unwanted habit.

Dogs of Thunder: Rehabilitating dangerous dogs

Steve Duno recalls his days of rehabilitating aggressive dogs, especially Branka the Bullmastiff. He not only subdued Branka, but also trained him to be a reasonable canine companion.