Fact or Fiction #02

Myth #2: Dogs and cats only learn if you punish them. True or false?

Training Methods

By Lance Tan, Resident Trainer at Shiloh Dawg In the past decade that I have been training dogs, I have seen methods that swung from one extreme to the other.

Quick Tips for Toilet Training Your Dog

Pick a command, such as  “go poop!”, and use it everytime you direct your dog to poop. When your dog indicates his intention to pee, leash him, say the command, and bring him to the area you’ve designated as his toilet.

Quick Tips for Surviving the Dog Park

A quick guide to surviving the dog park.

Taming Hamsters that Bite

Even the friendliest hamsters may bite when they are in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations. The following guidelines may help to handle your hamster during such situations.

Preventing Your Rabbit From Digging

Rabbits love to dig and burrowing is a natural activity for them. Thus, domesticated rabbits may end up digging furniture such as carpets or even soil when let out to play in the garden.

How to Prepare Your Dog for a New Human Arrival

You have a dog and you plan to have a baby soon. What should you do to prepare your dog for the arrival of a new family member?

Is Your Hamster Addicted to its Running Wheel?

Hamsters are naturally active animals and require a lot of exercise. This can be in the form of running on the wheel, through tunnels, up and down ladders, and burrowing through the bedding in their home. Ideally, it should be allowed activity outside its cage –that is, to explore other areas of your home. This must be done under careful supervision, or in a hamster ball (also under supervision). Limit access around the home to even flooring and wide-open spaces; hamster ball activity should not be near staircases as your hamster may tumble down and sustain serious injury.