Downward Cat

There are many ways to create awareness and find homes for animals in need – a yoga studio opening its doors to some felines in need is one of them. A studio has done exactly this, by collaborating with an animal shelter to hold a series of classes which allows participants and cats to mingle whilst practicing yoga.

Magpie Rescue

The Blooms, an Australian family, comprises of a husband and wife team, Cameron and Sam, and three children, Reuben, Noah and Oli… as well as a magpie named Penguin, whom they rescued when she fell out of her nest as a chick.

Feline Livin’

When you have 14 cats in your home, something's got to give. Peter Cohen decided to take things into his own hands (with a team of his own) and make his home in California a kitty dream home.

Koala Hugs

When a Koala mother was hit by a vehicle along the Warrego Highway in Coominya, Australia, she was carrying her joey with her. Now named Lizzy, the mother had to be rushed to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to be treated for head trauma and a collapsed lung, with her baby in tow.

Vampire Cat

Lazarus the rescue cat may look a little strange at first, but not only is he a superstar on social media websites like Vine and Facebook, he also works as a therapy animal, while spreading the word about helping other animals in need – particularly those with special needs or deformities.

Smiley Cinnamon

Coined as the ‘happiest dog in the world’, Cinnamon the Shiba Inu has a perpetual grin on her face. Her happy expression, combined with the fluffy physique is too adorable to miss.

Picnic Frenzy

Everyone at the pets office is busy packing all the goodies for the upcoming pets Picnic Party 2015, and placing the final touches for the exciting games to come. Here’s a reminder to sign up if you haven’t already done so--the registration deadline is tonight, 11:59pm.

Justice for Caitlyn

When Caitlyn the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was found last week, she was in a horrendous condition. Her muzzle had been taped shut, bound impossibly tight with electrical tape. Now on the road to recovery, justice has caught up with her abuser.

Little Hero

At eight years old, Alyssa Carter is already a hero for the animal world. Find out how this extraordinary girl embarked on a campaign to save the endangered Rhinoceros, with the help of some Belgian Shepherds.

Bouyancy Issues

Swim bladder disease is a fairly common issue with most goldfishes - resulting in the cute little fishies having trouble staying underwater, leaning sideways and sometimes even swimming upside down! Here's how one owner tackled the issue.