Intellects of the Animal World

While many of us know that the Border Collie is widely accepted as the most intelligent dog breed, when it comes to the other animals among us, most of us are clueless. Here are five animals that are closet geniuses. Prepare to be surprised!

Furry Nightmares

The literary world is filled with many animal characters and their wondrous journeys. Whilst the gentle, innocent and clownish ones are often well-loved and embraced by many, it is the sinister oddballs that leave us breathless, somehow etching themselves nto our minds. Never thought your furry friends could foray into the bizarre and the macabre? Well, with this spine-tingling list, you’ll certainly change your mind and possibly even begin to imagine them as fright fiends!


Astrology isn’t just for us mere humans; the planets do align for our furkids too. Whichever pet you own, knowing its zodiac sign can help you gain more insight into its character and traits, hence, strengthening your bond with him/her.

Pet Paintings and Painters

From musing dogs to abstract cats, the young talents of Little Artists Arts Studio showcase a dizzying array of paintings of their favourite pets.

Reading With Danny

Inspired by the success of the R.E.A.D (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) program in the United States, Tony Nevett and his Greyhound Danny is out to make a difference in the lives of children, by providing a fluffy companion to help pique their interest and feel confident about reading and reading aloud.

Second Chances

In Iowa, Leader Dogs for the Blind has a unique programme that not only aims to properly raise future leader dog (guide dog) puppies, but also to give prison inmates a meaningful experience where they can not only learn responsibility, but also give back to the community. Read more and watch the video here.

Paw-ty Time

Due to overwhelming response, all the picnic packs for our annual pets Picnic Party have been sold out! Registration is now closed, and no picnic packs will be sold at the door tomorrow. As everyone is busy getting ready for an epic picnic tomorrow, here’re a few reminders to make sure you and your furkid have a great time.

Brain freeze cat-astrophe

Ever wondered if felines get the “brain freeze” from ice cream too? Thanks to the owners of Persian cat, Napoleon, we now know they do.

Pets picnic party: win a staycation!

For our annual Pets Picnic Party this year, we'll be giving away a luxurious night's stay at five-star pet-friendly hotel, Conrad Centennial Singapore. Read our review here.

Mutt-y good time

Cage-free boarding service, grooming salon, and doggy supplies store, all rolled into one? Count us in. Check out Dear Mutt—the hippest new dog hotel in town.