We are getting ready: Pets Picnic Party 2015!

If you think our Pets Picnic Party 2015 will be as awesome and fun as last year's, you're wrong--it's going to be BETTER! Here is a flashback from last year's party to keep you going until June.

A splashing good time

It’s Friday, and we’re extra excited because tomorrow morning, we’ll be holding the second instalment of our Breakfast & Breed Club series—this time, for the Golden Retrievers. Everyone is looking forward to the doggy swimming time in the pool, so on a related note, here are some tips for first-time paw-rents hoping to introduce their furkids to swimming.

Dog... or monkey?

Say hi to Banana Joe, an Affenpinscher who just turned eight last month. The “monkey-faced” pooch is best known for being the first of his breed to win Best in Show at the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show two years ago.

Doggy Pedi

With time and the proper technique, doggy pedicures can be fun and easy. Here are some tips to turn it into a paw-some bonding session!

Fido flu bug

Our hearts are with the pooches in Chicago that are currently battling a serious canine influenza outbreak. While Singapore’s hounds are fortunate enough to be spared the sniffles, here are some things to note about dog flu.

Fur-mily resemblance

We’ve all experienced those morning walks at the park when a stranger stops over to give Fido a little neck rub while commenting how alike we look. Not forgetting those Instagram comments from friends that reference Fido as something like our “furry doppelganger”! With the “like owner, like dog” phrase getting thrown at us so often, we can’t help but wonder if there is any truth in those words. As it turns out, there is.

Are doggy hugs a no-no?

Ever notice Fido leaning away when you rush to him for a bear hug? Read on to find out why most pooches don't like being hugged!

Breakfast & Breed: Goldies

On the 18th of April (Saturday), join the Pets Magazine team for the second Breakfast & Breed: Goldie edition! If you are an owner of these happy-go-lucky dogs, and would like a chance to have a day out with fellow Goldie parents, as well as have a chat with experts on health and behaviour, don’t miss this event!

Fruits aren't always healthy!

When we think about striking a balanced diet, fruit and vegetables often come to mind. However, it is useful to note that some of these can be very dangerous to dogs. Here is a list of fruits to avoid adding to Fido’s meal.

Pressured Pooch

You've seen it - Fido hears a loud noise or meets a stranger and his tail lowers, avoiding eye contact with ears falling back: the signs of a stressed or anxious pooch. We all know that Fido's emotional well-being is equally as important as his physical well-being, so here's a few tips to help!