Special Seniors

As much as we love our pets, aging is an inevitable process and often accompanied with a myriad of related health or behavioural issues. Doting fur-parents often try their best to ensure aging pets continue to get the best quality of life through their golden years - so here are some tips for you and your senior pets!

Riding with Fido

Taking a cab is part and parcel of living in Singapore, particularly for doting pet owners who need to ferry their furkids to the vet, dog park, and more. Hence, we asked paw-rents on Instagram and Facebook to share their experiences travelling on taxis with their pooches. The response was overwhelming! We’ve shortlisted a couple.

Choosing the right toys for your dog

Toys are essential to keep your dog healthy through mental stimulation and physical exercise. However, not all toys are suitable or safe for your dog.

Taming hamsters that bite

Even the friendliest hamsters may bite when they are in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations. The following guidelines may help to handle your hamster during such situations.

Exercising with your overweight dog

However, exercising your overweight dog needs extra care. Running, or even walking, may be stressful as he may not be fit. Excessive weight can also cause overheating due to physical activity, leading to heat stroke.

Bunny proofing your house

Bring home a bun soon? Here are some tips on how to make your home more rabbit-friendly.

Aromatherapy for dogs

Did you know that your dog can benefit from the medicinal properties of essential oils?

Separation anxiety in dogs

Does your dog suffer from this anxiety problem? Find out what you can do about it.

Doggy digits

Have you ever wondered what those toenails on the inside part of your dog’s front legs are for?

What to look out for as Kitty ages

As Kitty reaches its golden years, it undergoes physiological changes and requires attentive care to ensure a healthy aging process.