Parasite prevention

Find out what you can do to keep nasty blood suckers off your dog.

Feline Acne

Not only do adolescents get acne...cats do too!

An anal expression

What’s brown, fluid, and repulsively foul? Your dog’s anal gland secretion aka his personal cologne!

Long live the pet

Give your companion the best gift you possibly could- a long and healthy life!

Motion Sickness in Dogs

A car ride to the park with Fido may sound like a breeze. But things are not so simple for a carsick canine.

Teething in puppies

The teething period can be an uncomfortable time for the puppy and owner. Find out how you can manage it.

Why do dogs shed?

Unlike humans, dogs do not grow new hair continuously. Instead their hair grows in cycles that are influenced by the change of seasons, stress, health issues and lifestyle.

Is the allergy-free dog for real?

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Keep Halloween spook-free for Fido

The season for spooks draws near but before you go trick or treating, be sure to keep those candies out of your dog's reach.

Canine cancer

Considered the leading cause of death in dogs, cancer is a disease that needs to be nipped in the bud to ensure your dog's chances of survival.