Why do dogs circle before they poo?

If you’re a paw-rent or an observant passer-by, you would have noticed this “circling” behaviour when you bring your furkid out for a walk. Have you ever wondered why?

Why be a foster parent?

Do you love animals but might not be ready for a lifelong commitment? Fostering a pet from a local shelter can bring you more than just a taste of being a pet owner, and at the same time, you can also help save a life!

The power of your bunny’s antennas

Flushed pink and screaming, “Hello, nice to meet you!”, a rabbit’s ears are not only for hearing but act as an air-conditioner and an antenna as well!

Benefits of paw-fect office companions

If your office doesn’t have a furry companion yet, this might just be the push you needed to bring it up to your boss. Here are three benefits of having an office pet.

A fur-minine touch

If Fido seems to like your female friends more than your soccer buddies, it isn’t because he’s a ladies’ man. A study shows that between the two genders, the fairer sex is better at interpreting what your furkid is trying to “say”.

Readers with a cause

Read on to find out more about why shelters both locally and overseas are starting reading programmes for their animals.

Japan creates emergency response teams for animals

Read on to find out why Japanese vets and animal caretakers have decided to band together to ensure that all creatures are rescued during disasters.

The Chihuahua that steps up (onto her best friend’s back) for treats

This might be one of the most adorable (or manipulative) doggy friendships we’ve ever seen.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore adopts lost baby pangolin

A baby Sunda pangolin was found wandering around near Upper Thompson Road and has been adopted by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. Read on to find out how he’s been doing so far!

Dogs can (and will) trick humans for treats!

A study has shown that man’s best friend might not hesitate to deceive us, especially if that means that they get a tasty snack in return.