Can dogs predict when a storm is approaching?

We’ve all heard of dogs that have saved lives by sensing an approaching hurricane and leading their owners to shelter. How true is this claim? Do our canine friends really have psychic abilities when it comes to the weather?

What’s your cat’s personality type?

Humans can be classed into 16 different personality types and according to research, Puss also has five to pick from! Read on to match your furkid to one of these character types.

Is your dog a good judge of character?

Notice your pooch acting differently around an impolite guest in your home? A recent study shows that his behaviour may not be a coincidence.

How to keep your bunny cool

The intense heat that we experience here on our tropical island can be a real pain for us and even more so for our furry friends. Here are some ways to keep your bun cool in Singapore.

A robotic pet sitter for Fido and Puss!

Busy paw-rents have a hard time being away from their furkids and not worrying about their welfare and safety. With the introduction of Pebby, paw-rents will no longer have to leave their hearts back at home.

Why is Fido always hungry?

If you noticed that Fido has been constantly begging you for food, or following you around when you are carrying food, it might be time to understand what might be causing this behaviour. Here are four reasons to explain why your furkid is hungry all the time.

New study discovers that Fido loves Reggae and Soft Rock music!

Have you ever wondered what kind of music your furkid might be into? A study by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow now provides a possible answer—read on to find out more!

Why Fido or Puss might be great companions for your children!

A study by the University of Cambridge showed that children are more satisfied in relationships with their pets than ones with their own siblings. Read on to find out more!

Bring Fido out for a fancy meal this Chinese New Year!

Have you been thinking of treating your little pooch to a sumptuous dinner this coming festive season? While most restaurants and cafes would be closed for Chinese New Year, we found three pet-friendly venues for you and your pup. Read on to find out more!

Films for Fido & Puss to work through noise phobia

Does Fido or Puss get stressed out by loud noises, like fireworks or thunderstorms? The first ever film collection for dogs and cats has been produced—these films are scientifically designed with the intention of reducing stress caused by a cacophony of sounds. Read on to find out more!