Daily Bites


Debunking five myths about guinea pigs

To ensure your guinea pig lives comfortably, you should take note of these five myths and truths. These misunderstandings could unintentionally harm your furry one.

What does the colour of your dog poop mean?

The colour of Fido’s stools is a good indicator of how healthy he actually is. Here are seven colours and what health conditions are associated with it.

Starter pets for first time paw-rents

Congratulations, you’ve decided to embark on your first paw-rent journey! If you've got a few pets on your mind but still can’t seem to decide which pet would be the most suitable, don’t worry. We're here to help.

The best tools for Fido’s walks

Besides meal time, taking your furkid out for a walk could be the next best part of their day. By choosing the most appropriate tools for each furkid, you’re helping them get the best out of each outdoor experience.

Why do dogs circle before they poo?

If you’re a paw-rent or an observant passer-by, you would have noticed this “circling” behaviour when you bring your furkid out for a walk. Have you ever wondered why?

Recent cat hoarding cases in Singapore

Animal welfare groups such as Cat Welfare Society (CWS) and veterinary clinics have been working together to rehabilitate rescued cats from the recent slew of cat hoarding cases in Singapore. Read on to find out more.

Why be a foster parent?

Do you love animals but might not be ready for a lifelong commitment? Fostering a pet from a local shelter can bring you more than just a taste of being a pet owner, and at the same time, you can also help save a life!

The power of your bunny’s antennas

Flushed pink and screaming, “Hello, nice to meet you!”, a rabbit’s ears are not only for hearing but act as an air-conditioner and an antenna as well!

Benefits of paw-fect office companions

If your office doesn’t have a furry companion yet, this might just be the push you needed to bring it up to your boss. Here are three benefits of having an office pet.

A fur-minine touch

If Fido seems to like your female friends more than your soccer buddies, it isn’t because he’s a ladies’ man. A study shows that between the two genders, the fairer sex is better at interpreting what your furkid is trying to “say”.