Daily Bites


Taiwan bans the consumption of cat and dog meat

Animal activists around the world are celebrating as Taiwan becomes the first Asian country to ban the sale and consumption of cat and dog meat.

Guide Dogs Association of the Blind receives year-long sponsorship from Scoot-Tigerair

The newly announced airline sponsorship will allow more trained guide dogs to be flown from Australia into Singapore, which will hopefully benefit the visually-impaired community here.

Five ways to show your furkid some love

We’re always wondering if our pets can tell how much they mean to us, so we’ve put together five ways to show our furkids how much we appreciate them, in ways that they’ll understand.

New study shows that Puss prefers human interaction to other stimulants

According to a recent study, it seems that our felines might enjoy our company more than we think! Read on to find out more.

Robotic pets in demand at retirement homes

Having pets has been proven to be therapeutic time and time again, but what about the use of robotic animals?

Five stretches for your senior pooch

It’s important to stretch those muscles, especially for aging furkids that might not be as active as before. Here’s five simple exercises that you can help your oldie canine do.

A cat’s (fe)line of sight: What the world looks like to Puss.

Just how differently do cats see the world as compared to us? An artist gives us a visual representation.

San Francisco bans the sale of non-rescue animals in pet shops

Finally, the homeless animals of San Francisco have reason to celebrate.

Ellen’s step into the pet industry: Fashionable clothes and accessories for Fido and Puss

Ellen DeGeneres is famous for featuring viral videos of pets on her talk show and inviting an array of furry guests to her show. This year, the talk show host is taking her love for animals to the next level.

Meow-sic to their ears: Music composed just for Puss

What happens when a composer teams up with animal scientists? Well, you get perfect tunes for your furry feline to enjoy.