Top Five


Grazing Pets

Green thumbs ahoy! If you’ve ever wanted to have your own little garden patch but worry about your pet chowing down on the wrong vegetation, here’s five great plants for your next garden project. Plant these while being assured that they won’t be harmful to Fido or Puss, and could even benefit their health!

Cranky Cats

Cats may not be easy to please, but these five cats take their unhappiness to the next level – with a perpetual scowl! Yet looks are deceiving and these grumpy felines are absolute sweethearts, famous for their mismatched face to personality. Here’s the five grumpiest (and cutest) cats around!

Tech Savvy

In our increasingly modern world, phone applications are becoming very popular for many uses. Even pet-owners have a wide variety of applications to choose from, but not all apps were created equal – so here are our top five picks!

Bad Dog (Owner)!

We’ve all experienced it – bringing Fido to the dog park, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, Fido and you are having a great time. All of a sudden, an ill-behaved dog charges up to Fido, or worse, you – disrupting the peace and causing chaos, while the owner laughs and waves off any bad behaviour. Here are the top five annoying behaviours by dog owners, at the dog park.

Few and far between

When it comes to dog breeds, we’d like to think we’ve seen it all, but there are so many pooches we've never even heard of! From split noses to dogs who can climb, some of these breeds have to be seen to be believed - here are five of the rarest dog breeds in the world.

Fine Feline

Do you know of anyone with a feline obsession? Perhaps you have a cat lady/gentleman in your life. Naturally, when it comes to presents, you’d want to gift them something cat-themed. We’ve rounded up the top five presents to buy for your cat-loving friends, or you could just buy them all for yourself! Here are our top-five cat-themed gifts for the ultimate cat lover!

5 ultra-cool must-haves for Fido

You know the moment when you see something and go: “I absolutely need to get that for Fido.” You’ll find yourself itching to buy these innovative products that are not only incredibly novel (and humorous!), they also boost your pooch’s street cred and contribute to his wellbeing.


When it comes to social media outlet Instagram, these adorable guys collect likes, follows and comments effortlessly. Some of them don’t even need filters for their selfie shots. Meet five of the pets you should be following on Instagram!

Matted hair in dogs

Is your dog experiencing a bad hair day? Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of matted hair.

Five signs of aggression

Protect yourself from dog bites by learning the signs that these canines show when they are none too happy about something. Learning about the causes of aggression will help you to better understand canine behaviour.