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Tech Pet

For over 40 years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has been the leading platform for the launch of some of the most influential products in consumer technology, namely the VCR, CD player and the Xbox. This year, CES 2016 directed some attention to our furry ones: Here are five noteworthy pet products featured at the show.

New Year New Me(ow)

While it may already be five days into 2016, it is still not too late to set down some new year resolutions for your furkid to ensure that the upcoming year will be fulfilling and enriching. Here are some resolution ideas to get you started. Remember, they don't need to be particularly grand or major–small paw steps could make a huge difference to their lives for the better!

Star Paws: The Force Awakens

In light of the seventh instalment of Star Wars opening in Singapore tomorrow, awaken the force in your furkid with these toys (that may or may not be designed especially for pets) inspired by the epic space opera. Plus, they make for some hilarious playtime!

A Christmas Feast for Fido

Tis’ the season to be feasting! This Christmas, don't leave Fido out by simply giving him his usual chows. Try these dog-friendly recipes: They will have your furkid feeling extra-special, and are easy to put together!

Doggy Staycay

Travelling this holiday season and already worrying about how Fido will handle your absence? With these doggy hotels, you can be assured that your furry one will have a ball even without you! Who knows, your precious pooch might not even want to leave when it's time to go home.

Cool and Quirky Christmas Gifts for your Dog

Forgot ho-hum bones and dog beds. Put these quirky, hilarious gifts under the Christmas tree for Fido—he’ll go crazy while the family will have a good laugh!

Tips To Pet-Proof Your Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the quintessential symbol of the season, but if you’ve avoided setting up one for fear that the furkid will knock it down or chew up the wires of the twinkling lights, here are five tips to ensure a green, peaceful yuletide.

Five reasons why Fido is good for Junior

There are plenty of health benefits related to raising your kids with a furry friend, so the next time your children try to convince you to get them one, here are five reasons why you should consider it.

Shiba Inus: More than just for memes

2015 was a special year for the Shiba Inus—they are past their meme phase, and are now being celebrated for being intelligent and multi-talented. There's Mame who can control her barking volume, Akua The Dancing Doge, and Shiba-san, who ran a tobacco shop but has since retired. We are obsessed with the breed too, so here are five fun facts you probably didn't know about Shiba Inus.

Top Five Life Hacks: Paw-rent Edition

Whether you own dogs, cats, or rabbits, being a paw-rent can come with several downsides, and it often includes damaged furniture and chewed-up cables. Thankfully, it’s not all that hard to get around these problems. Read on to find out more.