Top Five


Small Crib, Big Comforts

A small home doesn’t necessarily equate to less comfort for Puss. With a few space-efficient product purchases and some minor tweaks to your furniture layout, your feline will be kept happy and satisfied!

Loving Licks

Most pooches are fond of licking our faces, occasionally even “kissing” us on our lips. Is this merely a show of affection, or are there any other reasons behind such behaviour? Read on to find out more.

Sleepy Kitty

Cats are known to be pretty aloof animals, and their reputation is partly borne out of their tendency to sleep a lot. Looking to play with it? It's probably asleep. Feeding time? It may be snoozing somewhere. Read on for five facts about feline slumber.

Fear Factor

Just because Fido is not allowed to star in the popular reality game show Fear Factor doesn’t mean that he is free of fears. Common phobias include a fear of people, other dogs, nail trims, and cars. Employing a dog trainer to help with behaviour modification is ideal, but if you’re looking something you can try at home first, here are a few ideas.

What Is Wet Tail?

Hamsters make great first time pets, especially for children. But while these small rodents are generally easy to keep, there are several diseases that these creatures are prone to and can die from. Here are five facts you should know about Wet Tail, a dangerous yet common condition in hammies.

Doggy Detective

While most people know of police dogs and their ability to assist the Police and other law-enforcement personnel in their work, there are other furry companions who deserve recognition as well. In recent years, a number of crimes have been resolved with the help of cats, birds and even deers, all of which have not undergone any form of training. Here are the top five “pet detectives” who have helped solve murder crimes.

In Loving Memory

It is never easy dealing with death, what more the death of our precious furkids. Memorialising them can be a positive thing to do—it takes our focus away from the grief, and helps us create one last final memory that we can hold on to. Here are some of the ways paw-rents are mourning the loss of their furkids.

Puss in Books

While a growing number of retail stores all over the world are hiring unconventional employees, most of them furry in bid to attract more customers, bookstores have already been doing it for years. Cats are not uncommon in many independent bookstores and here are the top five bookworm kitties from around the world.

Tech Pet

For over 40 years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has been the leading platform for the launch of some of the most influential products in consumer technology, namely the VCR, CD player and the Xbox. This year, CES 2016 directed some attention to our furry ones: Here are five noteworthy pet products featured at the show.

New Year New Me(ow)

While it may already be five days into 2016, it is still not too late to set down some new year resolutions for your furkid to ensure that the upcoming year will be fulfilling and enriching. Here are some resolution ideas to get you started. Remember, they don't need to be particularly grand or major–small paw steps could make a huge difference to their lives for the better!