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Five Subtle Signs your Pet is Secretly Sick

Animals can’t tell us when they’re feeling pain or unwell, so as paw-rents, we have to look out for certain tell-tale signs in order to determine our furkid’s current state of health. Some symptoms are not as obvious as lethargy or loss of appetite, but they’re no less important to note. Here are five subtle signs to look out for.

Fun Food for Fido

The weekends are here! If your furkid is bored of eating kibble, why not mix it up a little with some international cuisine for pooches? Here are the top five fun recipes for Fido to try this weekend (not all at the same time of course!):

Hazy but happy

If the haze hindering your furkid from having fun, fret not. The pets team has come up with a paw-some list of indoor activities that are sure to keep your fur friend entertained and stimulated. Read on to find out more.

Breathe fresh

The PSI reading today hit 160—the highest so far this year. The haze smells bad enough, so make sure your furkid isn't adding to the foul air. Here, six bath-free ways to keep Fido smelling fabulous.

Five Singaporean dogs that are more Insta-famous than you

We have to admit—these furry ones are so popular, their Instagram followings put most of our accounts to shame. From runway-worthy poses to accessorising in designer gear, here are five local furry Instagram celebrities that you should follow.

Barkin’ good bakes

Fri-yay! We sniffed out two amazing cookbooks for all you dog-loving bakers to try out on weekends.

Good table scraps

Generally, tossing Fido your table scraps is a no-no. But these five foods are as good for your pooch as they are for you, so don’t forget to set aside a portion—sans salt, sugar and oil, of course—for him when you’re making dinner.

Mixing It Up

With just one more sleep to the Breakfast & Breed: Poodles edition, our team has gone into a Poodle frenzy! While these pups come in all shapes, colours and sizes, we’ve found some very adorable mutts - so here’s our top five cutest finds for poodle mixes.

Office Darlings

Here at pets, it’s part and parcel of our work day to see the occasional fluffy visitor. Bringing your pets to work, or having an animal in the office has been widely praised for its therapeutic effects of employees, and also creating a better office environment. From cat adoption benefits to resident doggy staff – here are our top five pet-friendly companies.


While we get to put on our shoes to protect our feet, our pups often go au naturale. Whether it be a hiking trip on rough rocks to a sprint along the beach, and even walks on hot pavements, these elements can cause dry, cracked paws, which can be painful for Fido. Here’s five handy paw sticks on the market for those roughed out digits.