Run Free

Wide open spaces are the stuff of Fido's dreams, so we turned our furry tester loose in West Coast Park for a test.

Summer with Fido and Junior

Sunny days are here and school’s out, so fill the holidays with these fun activities that will have the little ones and furkids squealing (and barking) with joy.

Healing waters

Lynn Ho founded the Canine Wellness and Rehab Centre three years ago to bring the healing powers of hydrotherapy to man’s best friend. She shares more about her business.

Meditation with your mutt

Bored of playing fetch with Fido? Bond with the furkid over Doga—it draws the both of you closer while promoting calmness in your pooch. By contributor, Sisi Soh.

Core exercises for your pooch

The notion of strengthening a dog’s core muscles may sound like fluff, but it’s not only crucial to preventing unnecessary injury, it’ll also keep Fido fit and happy through the years.

Stay injury-free while walking Fido

Is walking your pooch giving you aches and pains? If so, you may be doing it wrong.

Sweat it out indoors

A rain can dampen your plans for a lovely day out with Fido, but it certainly shouldn't stop you from keeping your furkid entertained and stimulated. Here are five ways to chase away the bad weather blues.

Do dogs sweat?

Always wondered how your canine cool himself off on a hot summer day? Like humans, our pooches do perspire. Just not the same way we do.

The importance of playtime with your cat

Although felines can be independent, they also crave companionship and playtime with their human guardians and with other cats. Taking just a little bit of time each day to play with your kitty can make a positive impact upon his disposition and his health.

Children 'more active' in homes with dogs

Owning a dog could help to lower the risk of childhood obesity, according to researchers.