Vitamins for Pets

Most dogs receive a complete and balanced diet including necessary vitamins and minerals from commercially processed dog food.

Are you overfeeding your pet?

Is Your Dog Overweight? To tell if your pet could shed a few, feel around his ribs and spine. You should be able to locate both, with only a thin layer of fat separating the skin from the bones. If you can't find the ribcage, you have an overweight dog.

When your pet coughs

A persistent cough is a good enough reason to take your pet to the vet. Chronic coughing may signal heart disease, heartworms, or lung diseases. Or it could be kennel cough, an infectious tracheobronchitis that causes a harsh hacking cough.

What a lack of appetite and decreased activity can mean

Dogs and cats can stop eating for a lot of reasons, including fever, pain, or stress. If your notice your pet's appetite has decreased or been absent for more than 24 hours, you should take it to see a vet.

Why sharing medication is not advisable

If you think that giving your pet human medication might work, think again. A lot of medication meant for humans are very toxic to animals.

Not Getting Preventive Care

The consequences of not getting preventive care for your pet.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

What it means when your dog or cat vomits or experiences diarrhea.

Neglecting your dog's dental care

Neglecting your dog's dental care is common but detrimental.

The PETS Quiz

Quick Question #2: Why do dogs have wet noses?

Comic Educator

PETS meets up with the creator of Sir Fong, the comic adventurer, who leads readers on a scientific journey towards discovering life, love and compassion.