Shower-free scent-sation

Looking for a wash-free cleanser to keep Fido smelling fresh between baths? We tested a few brands on our resident pooch, Bella.

Faux-ever furkid

A cuddly replica of your furry pal.

Paw to heart

Therapy dogs have the heartwarming task of spreading happiness to those who need it. We witness these sweet, big-hearted furballs on duty.

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Teething problems

Just like us, our furkids can also suffer from bad breath and bleeding gums. But poor dental hygiene could prove detrimental to their health. Find out how you can take care of Fido’s sparkly whites before it’s too late.

Creature comforts

Feasting and sightseeing are fun, but what makes a holiday even better is getting a generous dose of cuteness. Here are the top spots around the world to get your furry (or feathered) fix.

Furry followers

How hard is it to craft runway-worthy cat fur hats or balance cookies on Fido's noggin? Our furry models put several popular social media trends to the test.

Man on a mission

Whether revered or vilified, there’s no denying that Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan is in a league of his own. The pets team caught up with him on his recent visit to Singapore to promote Cesar's Recruit: Asia.

The big move

How do local animal welfare groups feel about moving to Sungei Tengah?

Work that nose

Reviewing the Wooly Snuffle Mat.