Over the moon

The Mid-Autumn Festival is all about celebrating those we hold dear, so spend the evening with your beloved pooch, colourful lanterns, and delicious doggy mooncakes.

Postcard perfect: Top scenic spots to walk your dog

Switch up Fido's daily walk with the prettiest scenic walkways. Our furry tester susses out some gorgeous spots.

Sunny side down: How to prevent damage from the sun

Most dogs love the outdoors, but overexposure to the sun’s rays and heat can lead to health problems. Find out how to make fun in the sun safer for Fido.

Canine citizen: Strawberry and cheese tartlets for National Day

As our beloved nation turns 51 this August, bring out your pooch’s paw-triotic side with these scrumptious red-and-white treats!

Chunky comfort: Super comfortable knit beds for your dog

Your furkid will love this super soft yet lightweight hand-knitted pet bed.

delicious but deadly

Your Chinchilla may go crazy over dried raisins, but so will its tummy. Unlike their hardy rat relatives, these little furballs can’t "eat everything". In fact, some of the most commonly fed "treats" are actually toxic, and may prove potentially fatal to them.

Instagram fur-mous

Despite being famous with more than 125,000 followers, Ching Ching the Shih Tzu (@littleyeitchingching) is extremely shy. We pay the furry star a visit at her Thomson home.

sweet summer

After frolicking in the hot sun, end Fido’s day on a sweet note with this super fun-to-eat banana and yoghurt parfait—he’ll love the different textures and flavours!

Kawaii Quality

Former colleagues Han Lilin and Tisha Yeo share a love for furkids and all things Japanese, so they pooled their resources together and founded Magasin Miyabi—a one-stop shop for customised and handmade Japanese pet products.

Fit and fab

Everybody is flaunting a fitness band these days, so why not Fido? The WonderWoof BowTie is an activity tracker for dogs that allows pet owners to monitor their pooch's movements and exercise in real time.