Animal Recovery Referral Centre's Replies


Pee-s help

Q: My two-year-old Maltese recently wet her bed in her sleep. She’s completely housetrained and even did her potty before bedtime. There was no blood in her urine, but she’s never lost control of her bladder like this before—especially not in her...

Bummed out

Q: My Maltese had a blocked right anal gland sac for some time, which resulted in a hole near the anus that became infected. Several rounds of antibiotics didn’t help and he has now developed a perianal fistula. There are now three large holes in...

Salty appeal

Q: My five-month-old Miniature Dachshund loves to lick the walls of my home. He will wake up in the middle of the night, go to the toilet, and lick the cement walls there. Some days, he’ll lick the walls of my living room. Is this normal or is it...

A spiny issue

Q: I brought my seven-year-old Beagle-cross to the vet upon noticing that he had developed a weird gait and sporadic head-swaying from side to side when walking. He also sometimes whimpers when he jumps up or is carried. His vet diagnosed him...

Crazy itch

Q: My three-year-old French Bulldog started licking her left leg after she was bitten by ticks. She has licked that particular spot so much that the fur around the area has dropped off, leaving a wet, oozing skin lesion, and she continues to...

Mouth management

Q: My nine-year-old Maltese had her teeth scaled three months ago and I’ve been brushing her teeth twice daily with doggy toothpaste and a muslin cloth since. However, some portions of her gum seem inflamed, plaque has built up a little (though...

Pug life

Q: I am thinking of getting a Pug, but read online that their short muzzles could cause health issues and shorten their lifespans. Is this true? What are some other health conditions I should be wary of? Any tips to keep my future Pug in optimal...

walking woes

Q: About two weeks after my 15-year-old Pomeranian was diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome, he had trouble walking. His hind legs are clumsy and he sometimes crosses them over while walking or drags them around. Can acupuncture improve his gait?

Bunny snuffles

Q: My bunny seems to have an unusually wet nose and has been sneezing quite often lately. Her paws are matted with discharge and mucus from wiping her nose. Does she have snuffles? What can I do?

Drying our furkids

Q: Is towel-drying or blow-drying our pets right after a shower advisable?