Dr. Grace Heng's Replies


Curbing water play

Q: My guinea pig is incredibly mischievous and loves to empty her water bottle. She’ll sit next to it, put her mouth sideways over the end of the spout and push the ball up so it trickles past her mouth and into the cage! While it’s adorable, I...

The great escape

Q: My Syrian hamster is an escape artist! I made a lid out of mesh, but he bit through it. I replaced it with an aluminium mesh, but he gnawed through that as well. Now, I have a steel grid as his cover, but he chews on it non-stop. He has a ton...

Hammy gets fit

Q: My Roborovski hamster is really chubby—she weighs about 45g! I’ve been trying to get her to exercise, but she hates her wheel. Other than putting her on a diet, how can I get her to lose weight?

Spay day

Q: A few hours after my bunny was spayed, her front leg and chest were swollen and tender. The vet told me it was probably from the subcutaneous fluid administered, and that it’s normal. She didn’t eat or poop the following day. Four days have...

chubby and creaky

Q: Does arthritis affect rabbits? My Netherland Dwarf is turning seven next year and she is on the chubby side! Is she at risk of arthritis?

bloody feathers

I adopted a one-year-old love bird six months ago. Recently, I noticed blood stains in his cage. His feathers are falling out, so we know he is moulting, but there are wounds on his body. What is happening?

Itchy hammie

Q: My two-year-old hamster has been scratching excessively of late, to the point where he has bald patches and he bleeds. He is also losing weight. What could be wrong?

Teeth trouble

I just rescued a four-year-old male rabbit and the former fosterer told me that he has cheek teeth malocclusion. I do not see an obvious overgrowth as it is in his mouth. He eats very slowly, but still has a reasonable appetite. Is there anything...

Too much energy for recovery

Q: My eight-month-old Jack Russell Terrier was spayed a week ago, but she is already back to her hyperactive self. I thought she would be calmer and less excitable. Should I stop her from playing in case her healing is hindered?

Leaving on a jet plane

Q: I have been offered an overseas posting to the U.S. for two years. I am weighing the odds of whether it’ll be a good idea to bring my 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier along. Although he is generally healthy, I’m concerned whether he’ll be able...