Dr. Tai Yesun's Replies


Seeing red

Q: Whenever my cat gets stressed, she has bloody poop. The blood is bright red and sometimes there’s a jelly-like mucus. No bacteria or parasites were found in her poop sample. The vet says the stress makes her bowels irritated. What can I do to...

Rash remedy

Q: Sometimes, my cat gets patchy, crusty red rashes on her belly that are extremely itchy. The vets aren’t too worried as it doesn’t happen all the time and they usually give her steroid cream or tablets. I know it’s usually in small doses, but...

Bald ears

Q: My cat has been losing hair from her ears for a while now. It’s odd because it doesn’t seem to be bothering her at all. What causes it, and what can I do to help her?

Sad sound of silence

Q: My cat is usually very vocal and loves “talking” to me. However, a week and a half ago, she opened her mouth to meow, and there was no sound. Since then, there’s been an occasional crackle or two, but no meowing. She’s eating, drinking and...

Hacking away

Q: My one-year-old male British Shorthair has been coughing frequently for a few weeks. I thought it might have been a hairball, so I gave him some hairball remedy. However, none have come up with his hacking and now it’s happening at least twice...

Eye opener

Q: My 14-year-old adopted cat has been with us for two years, and she’s been having a recurrent eye problem ever since we got her. We don’t know her history, so we have no idea howlong she’s had the condition. The discharge is usually clear and...

foul bum

Q: Recently, my sterilised cat’s derriere has been very pungent. I thought he might have gotten some poop on himself, but even after bathing him, he smells. The area where his testicles used to be is a tad swollen. Do cats have anal glands like dogs?

Puss' pimples

I noticed some bumps on my cat’s chin and near her lower lips. They resemble pimples, and she seems irritated by it (she paws at it). Can cats get acne?

More poop please!

My cat is healthy and eats well, but she only poops about twice a week instead of every day (like recommended online), and I often have to massage her belly to stimulate bowel movement. She doesn’t cry or appear in pain while pooping, and my vet...

Meow medication

My cat was recently diagnosed with cat herpes, and my vet says it is untreatable. She is on L-lysine supplements, but her symptoms are only marginally better. She still sneezes, gets eye irritations, and sometimes even drools. Is there anything...