Maureen Tay's Replies


A soft touch

Q: When my four-month-old Sealyham Terrier plays with my other dogs, she always goes for their legs or tails, often causing them to bruise. I’ve scolded her many times, but it doesn’t always work. What can I do to make her stop?

Youthful vigour

Q: My 10-week-old Border Collie has boundless energy. Besides daily walks, she gets an hour of play and an hour of training every day. She’s super smart and already knows how to sit, lie down, and roll over. But how do I go about teaching an...

Painful play

Q: My Bichon Frise likes to mouth and nibble fingers. I read that providing ample dog toys and chews can break this bad habit. However, she loses interest in toys or chews very quickly—the only thing she enjoys biting is our fingers. What should...

Furry loudmouth

Q: My adopted 10-year-old Miniature Schnauzer has the habit of barking incessantly at strangers. I’ve tried bringing her to crowded places and letting her mingle with other people (and dogs), but it doesn’t seem to help much. How should I tackle...

Home improvement

Q: I will be moving from my house (with a yard) to a smaller-sized apartment in a few months and am worried that my two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier will have trouble adjusting. How can I help her cope?

Tap, don't talk!

Q: I think my 13-year-old Maltese is losing his hearing. He doesn’t know when I’m calling him, or respond unless I’m very loud and/or near him. I’m afraid that his safety may be compromised when I bring him out or when there are any hazards...

Muzzle movement

I am interested in muzzle training my four-year-old dog, as I’ve heard that it can be useful during vet procedures and emergencies. Is it worth teaching him?

Car terror

My Miniature Schnauzer seems to have a fear of car rides. When I put her in her carrier to go to the vet or groomer, she displays signs of distress like whining, trembling and drooling. How can I help her overcome her fear?

Fido’s attention issues

My two-year-old pooch is becoming increasingly clingy. While he’s generally well-behaved during playtime, he starts barking to get my attention if I leave him alone after. Yet, it’s almost impossible to get his attention and he doesn’t listen...

My dog can't stop kissing me!

Q: I recently adopted a six-year-old mongrel. She is very affectionate and good-natured. However, she is extremely fond of licking our faces. What can we do to stop that habit?