Stranger (furry) things

Some dogs eat poop, some cats suck on wool, and you wonder why. Here, we decode several quirky animal behaviours and what they mean.

Living in harmony

Pooches make delightful companions, but they are also one of the pets that gets the most complaints. While we love our furkids, it does not excuse inconsiderate behaviour. There are certainly many ways one can be a considerate and responsible pet owner.

Im-paw-sible feats

With their crazy antics and outrageous size, these record-breaking furkids might just be the most extraordinary pets in the world.

Fido's golden years

Just like humans, the needs of an older pooch evolve over the years. We’ve put together some fun, age-appropriate activities that you can do with your senior furkid.

fur-give and fur-get

After getting bitten by your furkid, there’re bound to be a mix of emotions like shock, disbelief, and even anger. Find out how to move on from such incidents and rebuild that human-animal bond.

A-dress-ing the issue

With Halloween just around the corner, putting Fido in costume is foremost on the minds of many paw-rents. But is it good for your pooch? We ask the experts.

Making puppies

Breeding at home, yea or nay?

Furry mummy

While Caramel the Silky Terrier brought Choco, her adorable mini-me, into the world, she is not the most maternal. Her paw-rent, Joyce Lew, shares more.

Carbon paw print

Owning a furkid comes with costs that go beyond dollars and cents. Do your bit this Earth Day by reading about how you and your furkid can go green.

Into the depths: A Brian Skerry Exclusive

A picture is worth a thousand words, and for National Geographic’s award-winning underwater photojournalist, Brian Skerry, it tells a tale of dedication, passion, and sacrifice.