Excuse me, it's poop!

Is your pet eating its own poop? Here are some reasons behind this behaviour. By Bryan Wong
By Pets Team
Published on Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I don’t know about you but have you ever seen you own furkid sniff or even take a bite out of its own poop? (Yikes!) Thankfully, it is not a medical problem but actually a habit called Copraphagia.

Here are five common reasons why your pet is fascinated with his own turd!

  • It’s just a phase: This usually relates to young pups who like children, think the only way to explore is to put it in their mouths.
  • Hey, I learnt it from you: Fido could have taken that your poop scooping is something he or she should do too. If this is the case, clear the waste after your pet has left the area.
  • Fine, ignore me: Have you not been showering your pet with insufficient attention? If so, your furkid might have realised that by eating its own faeces, it will get your attention.
  • I have to hide this: Interestingly, some dogs realised that they have defected in an area where they should not. This usually results in him scurrying off, trying to hide evidence of his wrongdoing.
  • More nutrients, please: Your pet might not be properly absorbing the nutrients from his daily diet, resulting in undigested poop. This is a deficiency and visit to your vet will help.


Pets tip: Add pineapple cubes into their food. Their digestive system will release a natural enzyme during digestion, causing their waste to be distasteful. However,use this method sparingly as it could cause a tummy upset for your canine friend.


Picture source: http://i2.mirror.co.uk